How Blade Silvano spun web of lies, including posing as RAF surgeon

Outlining the case against Blade Silvano dissertation topics in organisational psychology court – an astonishing tale of a woman disguising herself as a man in order to strike up a two-year sexual relationship with an unsuspecting female victim – the prosecution said she had cooked up a ‘sophisticated deception’.

There was the carefully constructed dating app profile with photos that made her look like a man, the detailed back-story of serving as an Army officer, claims of injuries or illnesses to explain absences, photos of her ‘shaving’, even plans for marriage.

And, of course, only having sex in the dark – using a strap-on sex toy or other unknown implements.

But at the heart of Silvano’s subterfuge is a much simpler truth – that, like all con artists, she was ruthless and conniving enough to latch on to a trusting soul who took her at face value.

One former colleague – who was also duped into believing Silvano was a man who had served in the armed forces – said today: ‘It’s hard to explain but I didn’t question what he (sic) told me, even when alarm bells were ringing.

‘You just think there’s no reason why he’d lie to me and accept it. It makes you wonder what else he’s done.’

Blade Silvano, 41, has been jailed after duping another female into a two-year relationship

Indeed, Silvano’s accuser, who can’t be named for legal reasons, suspects there may be other victims who have not contacted the authorities. ‘Blade is a dangerous, manipulative person,’ she said.

Cambridgeshire Police confirmed there are no ongoing investigations at present but added: ‘We welcome other potential victims to come forward.’

Silvano’s extraordinary web of lies emerged during a week-long trial at Cambridge Crown Court which ended in a conviction on two counts of sexual assault by penetration.

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